Free Agents

Section 7.1 Restricted Free Agency

Veteran Player

A.   A Veteran PLAYER who has played for three (3) seasons and played or dressed for at least twenty-three (23) scheduled Regular Season Games before the beginning of a Season will be eligible for restricted free agency if;

1.   The Veteran PLAYER does not agree to terms with the Club owning the rights to his services and sits out for one full year; or

2.   The Club owning the right to the Veteran PLAYERS services offers regular season compensation in an amount less than such Veteran PLAYER'S previous Season's seasonal compensation or he may become a restricted Free Agent; or

3.   Veteran PLAYERS who were not signed for seasonal Compensation at or above the League Wide Average Game Compensation during the last season may seek offers from other Clubs.

4.  A PLAYER meeting the restricted free agency requirements must receive a qualifying offer postmarked and sent certified mail or by a nationally recognized courier by July 31 of each year or he/she shall become a restricted free agent. The ASSOCIATION must be copied on the notice.

B.  The PLAYER will become a Free Agent who may sign with another Club if the Club owning the right to the PLAYERS services does not match the offer made by the other Club. The Club losing the PLAYER'S services will not receive compensation for the veteran PLAYER so lost.

C.  League-Wide Average Compensation will be defined by mutual agreement by May 1 of each year. PLAYERS and the ASSOCIATION shall be informed of the League Wide Average Game Compensation by May 31 of each year. The League-Wide Average Compensation for the 2008-09 season was $16,250.73 The League-Wide Average Compensation shall be aggregate sum of the regular season salary of all roster PLAYERS (exclusive of per diems, practice pay, bonuses and expense reimbursement), divided by the total number of roster PLAYERS. Practice Players stipends shall not be included in this calculation. League Wide Average will be based on final player rosters submitted to NLL.

D.  The Club owning the rights to the services of a PLAYER eligible for restricted free agency pursuant to 7.1.A. subparagraphs (1) (2) and (3) above may continue its ownership of those rights if it meets the qualified offer of any Club competing for the PLAYERS services within seventy-two (72) hours of receipt of notification of the offer by the LEAGUE to the Club and the ASSOCIATION. Qualified offers shall be limited to the compensation provided under this Agreement. Disputes concerning the comparability of qualifying offers shall be resolved by the Commissioner of the LEAGUE on a case-by-case basis in a timely fashion.

E.  PLAYERS who do not meet the criteria as set forth in Section 7.1.A., do not have the right to become a Restricted Free Agent under any circumstances.

Section 7.2 Unrestricted Free Agency

Any PLAYER age of thirty-two (32) or older, e.g. born in 1977 or earlier (determined on January 1st of the calendar year and not on a PLAYERS actual birthday), who has participated as a PLAYER for all or part of six different professional lacrosse seasons either in the Major Indoor Lacrosse League or the National Lacrosse League, shall be eligible for Unrestricted Free Agency. However, each Club may designate two PLAYERS in each season as Franchise PLAYERS. PLAYERS so designated are not eligible for Unrestricted Free Agency even though they meet the age and service requirements provided the CLUB offers such PLAYERS season compensation that is twenty five percent 25% greater than the Veteran maximum compensation for the season as provided for in Article 6.1.A above. Franchise PLAYER designations must be made to the PLAYERS, ASSOCIATION and League Office no later than August 1 following each Season for the upcoming season.

2013 Unrestricted Free Agents

The following players are 2013 Unrestricted Free Agents due to the fact they are 32 years of age or older during the 2012 calender year and have played a minimum of 6 indoor professional lacrosse seasons or part of and are not under contract for 2013.

Anthony Cosmo – Buffalo Bandits
Darryl Gibson – Buffalo Bandits
Matt Giles - Buffalo Bandits
Jon Harasym – Buffalo Bandits
John Tavares - Buffalo Bandits
Mike Thompson - Buffalo Bandits
Chris White signs with Toronto Rock
Ken Montour - Buffalo Bandits

Kaleb Toth - Calgary Roughnecks
Keith Cromwell - Calgary Roughnecks

Jon Gallant re-signs with Colorado Mammoth
Scott Stewart - Colorado Mammoth
Tom Ethington - Colorado Mammoth
Jim Moss - Colorado Mammoth
Derek Malawsky - Colorado Mammoth

Derek Suddons - Edmonton Rush
Steve Toll - Edmonton Rush
Ryan Ward - Edmonton Rush
Aaron Wilson - Edmonton Rush
Shawn Williams signs with Buffalo Bandits
Andrew Turner - Edmonton Rush

Richard Morgan signs with Colorado Mammoth

Brandon Miller - Philadelphia Wings
Tom Hajek - Philadelphia Wings
Chris Schiller - Philadelphia Wings

Mike Accursi - Rochester Knighthawks
Kyle Laverty re-signs with Rochester Knighthawks
Pat McCready - Rochester Knighthawks
Marshall Abrams - Rochester Knighthawks
Casey Zaph - Rochester Knighthawks
Tim O'Brien - Rochester Knighthawks
Casey Powell - Rochester Knighthawks

Colin Doyle - Toronto Rock
Josh Sanderson re-signs with Toronto Rock

Cam Sedgwick - Washington Sealth

The above players will be able to seek offers and sign with whatever club they like. Please be advised that each club may designate two * franchise designations. If you are designated a franchise player by August 1st you will be precluded from negotiating with any other clubs.

If you believe you have been left off the Unrestricted Free Agent list then please contact us.

2013 Restricted Free Agents

The following players are 2013 Restricted Free Agents due to the fact they signed a 2012 contract under the League Wide Average of $19,672.23. The calculation is subject to errors and omissions. These players also played a minimum of three seasons and have dressed or played in at least twenty three (23) regular season games. If there are any players who feel they are to be deemed Restricted Free Agents please contact us. Restricted Free Agents can be signed by their parent club at any time with all other Restricted Free Agent signings beginning August 1st.

Kevin Buchanan - Buffalo Bandits
Brandon Francis - Buffalo Bandits
Ian Llord - Buffalo Bandits
Jay Thorimbert - Buffalo Bandits
Steve Priolo - Buffalo Bandits

Jon Harnett - Calgary Roughnecks
Curtis Manning - Calgary Roughnecks
Peter McFetridge - Calgary Roughnecks
Ryan McNish - Calgary Roughnecks

Jed Prossner - Colorado Mammoth
Creighton Reid - Colorado Mammoth

Tom Johnson - Edmonton Rush
John Lintz - Edmonton Rush
Buck Stobart - Edmonton Rush

Darren Halls - Minnesota Swarm

Matt Alrich - Philadelphia Wings
Patrick Heim - Philadelphia Wings
Steve Holmes - Philadelphia Wings
Brett Manney - Philadelphia Wings
Ryan McFayden - Philadelphia Wings
Joe Smith - Philadelphia Wings

Travis Hill re-signs with Rochester Knighthawks
Jamieson Kosterer - Rochester Knighthawks

Garrett Billings - Toronto Rock
Damon Edwards re-signs with Toronto Rock
Mike Hobbins re-signs with Toronto Rock
Stephen Leblanc - Toronto Rock
Nick Rose re-signs with Toronto Rock
Brendan Thenhaus re-signs with Toronto Rock
Drew Petkoff re-signs with Toronto Rock
Nick Ince re-signs with Toronto Rock

Matt Beers - Washington Stealth
Kyle Hartzell - Washington Stealth
Dean Hill - Washington Stealth
Andrew Potter - Washington Stealth

These players will be able to seek offers from other clubs with your parent club being able to match any offer within 72 hours of you signing an offer.

2013 Restricted Free Agents - Sat Out 2012

The following players are 2013 Restricted Free Agents that can shop their wares with other clubs due to them sitting out and not playing last season with their parent club. Restricted Free Agents can sign offer sheets with other clubs from August 1st on while their parent club will have the ability to match within 72 hours of the player executing an offer sheet.

Matt Brown - Buffalo Bandits
Kevin Dostie - Buffalo Bandits
Sean Greenhalgh - Buffalo Bandits

Shawn Cable - Calgary Roughnecks
Brian Spallina - Calgary Roughnecks
Rob Van Beek - Calgary Roughnecks

Jay Jalbert - Colorado Mammoth
Mike Law - Colorado Mammoth
Greg Peyser - Colorado Mammoth
Steve Forsythe - Colorado Mammoth

Riley Kemp - Minnesota Swarm

Kyle Wailes - Philadelphia Wings
Matt Zash - Philadelphia Wings

Bobby Horsey - Rochester Knighthawks

Brad MacDonald - Washington Stealth

2013 Potential Restricted Free Agents

The following players below will become Restricted Free Agents if the Club owning the right to the Veteran player’s services offers regular season compensation in an amount less than such Veteran player’s previous Season’s seasonal compensation. Example: A Veteran player who earned $20,000 for the 2011-12 season and is not under contract for 2013 must be offered at least $20,000 for the 2012-13 season. We have attached a blank copy of a Qualifying Offer that is to be sent to the players that must receive qualifying offers. If you feel you should be on this list please contact us.

Qualifying offers must be post marked and sent certified mail or by a nationally recognized courier by July 31st 2012 or the player shall become a restricted free agent. Please let us know if the club has not fulfilled their requirements.

Bill Dee Smith – Buffalo Bandits
Luke Wiles - Buffalo Bandits

Mike Carnegie - Calgary Roughnecks
Scott Carnegie – Calgary Roughnecks
Cory Conway – Calgary Roughnecks
Dan Dobbie - Calgary Roughnecks
Mike Kilby - CalgaryRoughnecks
Matt King – Calgary Roughnecks
Scott Ranger - Calgary Roughnecks
Daryl Veltman - CalgaryRoughnecks

Ian Hawksbee – Colorado Mammoth
John Orsen - Colorado Mammoth
Sean Pollock – Colorado Mammoth
Jamie Shewchuk - Colorado Mammoth
Jon Sullivan - Colorado Mammoth

Tyler Codron – Edmonton Rush
Aaron Bold - Edmonton Rush
Chris Corbeil -Edmonton Rush
Zack Greer - Edmonton Rush
Jim Quinlan - Edmonton Rush
Corey Small - Edmonton Rush

Mitch Belisle - Minnesota Swarm
Andrew Watt - Minnesota Swarm
Paul Dawson – Philadelphia Wings
Dan Dawson – Philadelphia Wings
Taylor Wray – Philadelphia Wings
Brodie Merrill - Philadelphia Wings
Brendan Mundorf - Philadelphia Wings
Max Seibald - Philadelphia Wings
Drew Westervelt - Philadelphia Wings
Taylor Wray - Philadelphia Wings

Ryan Cousins – Rochester Knighthawks
Brad Selfl - Rochester Knighthawks

Dan Carey - Toronto Rock
Rob Marshall - Toronto Rock

Curtis Hodgson - Washington Stealth
Rhys Duch - Washington Stealth
Kyle Sorensen - Washington Stealth
Athan Iannucci - Washington Stealth
Chris McElroy - Washington Stealth
Kyle Ross - Washington Stealth
Tyler Richards - Washington Stealth
Kevin Croswell - Washington Stealth
Mike Grimes - Washington Stealth